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Mobile Web App to help with Mental Illness Treatment & Therapy.

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Travis Gray
Travis Gray Developer
Charles McFail
Charles McFail Developer
jerome moore
jerome moore Developer
W A Developer

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DESCRIPTION: Yubico believes that everyone deserves strong, easy, and affordable authentication, and we are committed to helping every internet citizen take control of their online identities. That’s why we invented the YubiKey — a multi-protocol multi-factor authentication (MFA) device used by millions around the globe — and co-authored the FIDO U2F and FIDO2 open authentication standards. The DeveloperWeek NYC Hackathon is your opportunity to ensure the innovative product(s) you're building are also secured with strong authentication using a YubiKey. OUR CHALLENGE: We want security to be a top priority during the Hackathon, and also easy to implement! Any connected device, mobile application, web service, or network requires adequate protection for user data and privacy, and the YubiKey is designed to make that a possibility with easy and strong authentication. Our challenge is to incorporate YubiKey MFA support into a stand alone project, or any number of other DeveloperWeek challenges. Working with the YubiKey is flexible and agile as it supports multiple authentication protocols, including one-time password (OTP), smart card (PIV), OpenPGP, FIDO U2F, and FIDO2. YubiKeys are compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS operating systems; major web browsers (Opera, Chrome, and Firefox); and iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. Yubico has published integration libraries, plugins and documentation, which you can use to make your project work with the YubiKey. All YubiKey authentication protocols are welcome. Yubico employees will also be on site at Booth #203 to help answer integration questions. TEAM INSTRUCTIONS: - Visit the Yubico booth (#203) to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the YubiKey, and receive a complimentary YubiKey for your challenge. - Decide if you want to build a stand-alone solution with the YubiKey, or if you would like to add YubiKey 2FA functionality to another DeveloperWeek challenge you are working on - Establish what authentication protocol you would like to use for the integration. This is primarily dependent on how much time you have for the challenge, what type of data you are protecting, and what type of user experience you want to offer your users. - Review YubiKey documentation from to being integrating with the YubiKey. JUDGING: Yubico judges will evaluate projects based on YubiKey integrations, but also the larger project as a whole. While the technical security architecture and implementation is critical, we are also looking for innovative solutions that address unique or important use cases for consumers and/or enterprises. Each challenge will be judged based on the following criteria: - Originality/Innovation: How original or innovative is this solution compared to other products and platforms already available on the market? The challenge should provide a unique approach to solving a problem. - Impact: What is the potential for the project to drive immediate real-world impact? - Security and User Privacy: To what extent does the solution ensure user data is safe and kept private? - Design / User Experience: How easy and intuitive is use of the solution? Does it adhere to Yubico’s standards of frictionless, strong secure authentication using the YubiKey? - Functionality: Working functionality of the application as submitted. - Strategic Approach: We recognize that this is a hackathon challenge and that time is limited. While some of the integrations may not be complete or perfected, we are looking for teams who can speak to the larger vision of the project, any long-term goals, and what might have been done differently if given more time.

Using Wowza Ultra Low Latency, build the best GoCoder SDK playback app. Build Resources: Ultra Low Latency Setup Guide: GoCoder SDK for iOS Ultra Low Latency Playback: iOS Sample on How to Register a License: GoCoder SDK for Android Ultra Low Latency Playback: Android Sample on How to Register a License: More info -

Veritone believes that enterprises and their customers shouldn’t be limited by fragmented Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions – that’s why we built an operating system for AI that allows our customers to access our open ecosystem over 150 cognitive engines (machine learning models) in one SaaS UI. Our platform, open ecosystem, and self-service developer application allows application developers to leverage over 14 different cognitive categories (see below) to build unique, intelligent experiences for their customers. Show off your technical skill and imagination by building or integrating an application experience leveraging one of the cognitive engine categories in the Veritone Ecosystem via API and deploying it within our Veritone Developer application. Access the application and API documentation by creating a free account here: Your submission(s) will be judged by the most innovative use of cognitive processing visually (more than one cognitive category gets bonus points!), and the utility provided for the end customer. We will have our development team on site to help, advise, and support you! There are no requirements as to Mobile, Web, or device platform, we only require you utilize the cognitive output from our ecosystem in the below categories: • Face detection • Face recognition • Object detection • Object recognition • Transcription • Translation • Optical character recognition (OCR) • Sentiment • A/V Fingerprinting • Visual moderation • Geolocation • Speaker separation • Transcoding • Metadata extraction Happy hacking!

There are a lot of centralized freelance websites and most of them offer some kind of Payment Protections. Blockchain is great for that kind of trustless relations. Implement freelance platform (like using Waves Smart Contracts and Data Transactions. Users should be able to post jobs with full description, submit proposals and final results (hint: use data transactions). When the job is marked as done, but the client does not agree with it, oracles/escrows can check the results and make/reject payment. The interface should allow posting information about jobs, sign transactions, contest job results.

Technologies used by this project

The YubiKey is a multi-factor authentication device that protects numerous systems, networks, and applications from common cyber attacks with just a simple touch. With support for multiple authentication protocols, YubiKeys are powerful and flexible enough to secure a wide range of applications including: computer logins, remote VPN, identity access management platforms, password managers, and popular online services such as Google, Dropbox and Facebook.

Waves Platform is an open blockchain platform which is designed for ease of use and mass adoption. It's a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem that provides all necessary features for business adoption. It provides the services of launching, distributing and trading crypto token Smart contracts include account and token controls, which provide functionality to implement features such as multi-signature wallets, atomic swaps, 2-factor authorization.