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Project Description

Misty skill that detects barrier and provides feedback to blind individuals

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Project Team Members

David Chen
David Chen Developer
Paras Garg
Paras Garg Developer

Challenges that this project applies to

For the Misty Robotics hackathon challenge, we want you to create a skill utilizing the Misty I robot that satisfies the following criteria Takes advantage of the physical nature of a robot (Don’t do something that could be done with a smartphone) Utilizes data from an external data source Executes code locally on the robot You’ll have access to the following capabilities: Facial Detection Facial Recognition Customizable screen Customizable sounds RGB chest LED General locomotion Time-of-Flight Distance data (collision avoidance data) Limited Map Generation (Currently in Alpha) Example of a great deliverable “Did you get my PR?” - We write a lot of code at Misty Robotics and have Pull Requests all the time. This skill will watch for Pull Requests from a repository, figure out who needs to review the code before it can be merged, then Misty will roam the office until she recognizes someone who can approve and merge the PR. Computer Client Can write in any language that can interact with REST commands Will provide samples in JS and Python Can interact with external data sources From the client, you can subscribe to a websocket that streams types of information Face Detection Events Face Recognition Events ToF Data etc Robot Skill This will run on the robot Can be triggered to run via REST endpoint Can NOT retrieve data from external source Will provide sample code for the wander skill (Be sure to read our Documentation) Scoring Creativity - 50pts Usefulness - 40pts External Integration - 30pts Level of polish - 20pts Good use of robot - 20pts The ‘X’ Factor - 10pts Combine these abilities with other services or hack only on Misty.

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