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Table 16: Oursight Building personalized user trust with the brands of tomorrow What: We help companies truly connect and understand the needs of their customers while rewarding consumers with tailored and personalized products Data marketplace/ Consumer Insights Platform Augment your CRM with Real Consumer feedback Problem Companies want: High quality Regulatory Compliant Ethically Sourced Real Time Data about their existing or future user base Live Feedback and Validate PMFIT

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Jiarun Chen
Jiarun Chen Business

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Agora RTC App Challenge: Build an app or Website that uses the Agora real-time-communications (RTC) platform. Use RTC to solve a real-world problem, re-invent the future, or simply be creative!

Business applications need data, but to build them efficiently and get them in the hands of users, developers can’t spend hours custom coding one data connection at a time. They need to integrate applications and data quickly, no matter where that data lives; on-site, in the cloud, or both. Hybrid Data Pipeline is a data access service that simplifies integration by connecting directly to the data. This provides applications the ability to use SQL or OData to perform real-time access to on-premises and cloud data. In this challenge, you are required to use Progress Hybrid Data Pipeline’s OData API in your application and will be judged based on "Best use of OData API", which may include how well you have made use of OData’s Interoperability, advanced query capabilities and other features of OData. Your project will be judged by Progress's Engineers. Your project can be a mobile/web/serverless apps or a chatbot or any data integration app or any app that you can imagine. Feel free to chat with us about your project and we would be happy to guide you. To get started, all the interested hackathon attendees must contact us at our booth (108) or email Saikrishna (sbobba@progress.com) for the login credentials of Hybrid Data Pipeline. We encourage you to take advantage of Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline OData API in your app with any other challenge in the hackathon. Resources: https://documentation.progress.com/output/DataDirect/hybridpipeline/#page/hybrid%2Fwelcome-to-datadirect-hybrid-data-pipeline.html%23 Tutorials: https://www.progress.com/tutorials/odata/rest-api-for-sql-server-oracle-or-postgres-via-odata https://www.progress.com/tutorials/odata/connecting-to-salesforce-eloqua-google-analytics-etc.-from-sap-business-objects-cloud

"Agile development requires an agile backend. Microservices and Function-as-a-Service (such as those running on services like AWS Lambda) have emerged as the best practices for supporting agile workflows. Project Flogo http://www.flogo.io/ is an open source framework designed to make the development of serverless functions and edge microservices painless! It also doesn't hurt that it can produce small-footprint, executable code that can run on a variety of devices and cloud-based services. You don't want to write code? You can use the simple Web UI and CLI to help you rapidly create apps. You do want to write code? Absolutely possible to use Flogo http://www.flogo.io/ as a Go lib and reuse all of the activities that already exist." In this challenge, we want to see you use Flogo http://www.flogo.io/ to support your hackathon entry. Whether you use it to create a variety of functions hosted on a service like AWS Lambda or a microservice deployed in a docker container, or even directly on a device like a Raspberry Pi, you'll find Flogo to be an efficient tool that can help reduce your development time and allow you to focus on the core of your project. Judging Criteria: During your presentation, please demonstrate where you have used Flogo http://www.flogo.io/ to support your hackathon entry and show us the flows or code you created

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This is the official hackathon of API World 2018