Project Description

We make payments fast and efficient by making them automatic. When a person passes by an event gate or toll booth, they are prompted to confirm a payment. Instead of stopping and reaching into their wallets to find money, people will be able to easily pay with the push of a button. We will use the TomTom geolocation API for event hosts and toll booths to set up payment areas.

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Project Team Members

Thomas Liang
Thomas Liang Developer
Bharat Kathi
Bharat Kathi Developer
Andrew Zhang
Andrew Zhang Business

Challenges that this project applies to

TomTom just released a new geofencing API, want to give it a spin? Geofencing can tell you if a person or vehicle enters or leaves a specific area. Opening your garage door as you approach, getting an alert when your kid gets home or tracking the whereabouts of your dog: your challenge is to find the most useful and interesting use of this new API!

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