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It uses TomTom's Geofencing and Clarifai's custom model api to create areas on the map

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TomTom just released a new geofencing API, want to give it a spin? Geofencing can tell you if a person or vehicle enters or leaves a specific area. Opening your garage door as you approach, getting an alert when your kid gets home or tracking the whereabouts of your dog: your challenge is to find the most useful and interesting use of this new API!

Can you creatively combine Clarifai's API with another hackathon sponsor API? Clarifai's APIs offer image and video recognition as a service. You send inputs (images) and receive outputs (image content predictions). The Clarifai prize for the DeveloperWeek SF Hackathon will be awarded to the team demonstrating the best overall project that meets the basic requirement of combining Clarifai and at least one other sponsor's API. Projects will be evaluated for: * Creativity * Utility * Extensibility * Completeness Show us what you can do with a visual AI at your disposal!

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