Pink Poncho

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Project Team Members

Paul Cherian
Paul Cherian Developer
Jacob Mittelstaedt
Jacob Mittelstaedt Developer
Mitchell Opatowsky
Mitchell Opatowsky Developer
May Ling Lai
May Ling Lai Designer
Michael Guiliano
Michael Guiliano Developer

Challenges that this project applies to

Get access to Canon’s all new Camera Control API and develop a creative application of your own. The CCAPI is a RESTful API that connects via Wi-Fi to simplify integration. Create a working application in a clean format. The application must be considered to be the best use case of the CCAPI provided. The application you design is entirely up to you. The most creative and impressive use of Canon’s CCAPI will win. Canon will award efficiency creativity and innovation as the deciding factors in the use case. Essentially use the functionality of the CCAPI to create the best Image Acquisition and/or Remote Camera Control application that you can think of. Grading Criteria 25 points: Use of the API 30 points: Innovation 30 points: Creativity 15 points: Presentation Extra Credit for Scalability Extra Credit for Marketability

Technologies used by this project

Canon has developed a new Web API to allow easier integration of select Canon camera products into third party applications.