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Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera Developer
Margaret Ha
Margaret Ha Developer
Prerna Anchan
Prerna Anchan Developer

Challenges that this project applies to

1st 2 winners win $5000 in cash, period! Flock OS is the world's first chat operating system and you could build an app atop of it. Examples: 1) Create a conversational bot on Flock using the Alexa or Watson API 2) Did you know that developers can also add UI elements to Flock's desktop & mobile apps? Thus, build an app that adds UI functionality to Flock's chat app. 3) Build a social media integration. Ex- show the twitter feed and/or LinkedIn profile of people that you are chatting with, on Flock's sidebar. You need not stick to the examples above & you can get as creative as you can. All details on how to build an app on Flock is here - Also, join our team on to ask us any questions in real time.

Put your web front-end skills to the test and win $2,000 cash! Build a HAR file analyzer that provides insights on errors, performance, and content structure. Use whatever languages or frameworks you want to implement your solution. A few ideas are cool visualizations, drill-downs to object details, and recommendations to improve performance, visual assets, 3rd party API calls, or security vulnerabilities. Projects should be easy for other tools and languages to integrate (i.e. import HAR and export analysis programmatically). Register for our example HAR bundle at

Events specific to project

The DeveloperWeek Hackathon invites 600+ hackers to compete for $100,000+ in products and services at the official kick-off to DeveloperWeek!

Technologies used by this project

JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted programming language used for building client-side applications for modern web browsers and hybrid mobile applications, as well server-side applications, like those running with Node.js.