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Build a new application that leverages OData API generated using Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline. We encourage you to take advantage of the OData standard in your app with any other challenge in the hackathon. Business applications need data, but to build them efficiently and get them in the hands of users, developers can’t spend hours custom coding one data connection at a time. They need to integrate applications and data quickly, no matter where that data lives; on-site, in the cloud, or both. DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline is a data access service that simplifies integration by connecting directly to the data. This provides applications the ability to use SQL or OData to perform real-time access to on-premises and cloud data. In this challenge, you are required to use DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline’s OData API in your application and will be judged based on "Best use of OData API", which may include how well you have made use of OData’s Interoperability, advanced query capabilities and other features of OData. Your project will be judged by Progress' Engineers. To get started, all the interested hackathon attendees will be provided provisioned with a DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline account.

Build and deploy a cloud native application faster by levaraging full capabilities of Macaw Microservices Platform. Take advantage of many built-in microservices and APIs to build your Enterprise Grade Applications faster. Macaw is an enterprise grade prescriptive Microservices development and run-time platform. Participants to develop an application or Microservice(s) using Macaw Platform ( built-in capabilities along with prepackaged services such as Identity, Email etc. A full list of working Microservices examples will be published at the beginning of the hackathon. Participants are encouraged to use Macaw SDK/Eclipse plug-in (delivered as part of Macaw downloads) in defining, designing, creating, publishing and deploying Microservices. Participants will have opportunity to get additional points for the following: * Incorporating Macaw built-in services - Authentication, Security & Notification during the development lifecycle. * Publishing application into Macaw Marketplace and validating it using Macaw API browser Participants are encouraged to utilize built-in performance tuning mechanism provided by Macaw platform to demonstrate Performance Metrics & Analytics capabilities. Learn more about the Platform and resources -

“Build Something Amazing”. Create an innovative application of any type that uses TeleSign’s Communication and/or Intelligence APIs. Your app will be judged by TeleSign’s engineers and a representative from #YesWeCode on the category of most disruptive application which is likely to gain adoption. The application must be developed at the hackathon. TeleSign’s Communications APIs allow you to build messaging and account security into apps and create innovative experiences that users love. TeleSign’s Intelligence APIs help you prevent fraud on your platform by providing data that can help you determine the risk level of any phone number in the world. Common use cases for TeleSign’s CPaaS platform are adding Two-Factor Authentication, Sending Reminders & Notifications, Preventing Account Takeovers, and Delivering Marketing messages.

Personal assistants and chatbots are taking over the web. Whether it's a Slack bot listening to your every whim, a HipChat bot that can schedule meetings or a Facebook bot that can book that cool trip you always wanted to go on (including setting you up with a nice dinner at that exclusive restaurant), its clear that natural language is the interface for the future. TIBCO Cloud Integration (TCI) makes it easy to integrate multiple sources of information - exactly the kind of functionality a successful chat interface needs. Use TCI to integrate your data as part of a chatbot / personal assistant application. Your application should be able to interact with one of the popular chat apps like Slack and/or HipChat. Just use TIBCO TCI: Free Trail Download Bonus points: - Sharing the result on GitHub - Intelligent behavior (for example suggest restaurants or meeting times) - Secure sign-in with OAuth2

Smart homes and devices are increasingly becoming popular, why not build your own smart device? Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is to enable smart IoT devices using Flogo Flows to enable interactions and intelligence between your device and the world. The IoT device can be an Arduino, Pi or a combination of the two, depending on your solution! For example, you can use Flogo to connect your device to one of the popular voice recognition systems (“Alexa, ask Flogo to turn on the lights”). Your solutions must deliver the event to the edge device and the edge device needs to understand the action to take. Bonus Points: Get yourself familiar with the Flogo, an Open Source Framework for Edge Apps at Bonus Points: Use some level of machine learning

Back4app is an easy way to build, host and manage your APIs using the Parse open source. Use Back4app and Parse Open Source to build your scalable app's API faster. $1000 in prize value for best usage of Back4app platform.

Challenge: We live in a world of interesting, but complex data. While this is great for technology, it can be overwhelming when applied to personal finance. Our challenge is to create an experience that consolidates data and generates insights by combining Citi’s sandbox APIs with other APIs/systems (e.g. Facebook, Google, Apple, OpenTable, Seamless, Uber, FitBit) to help consumers make better financial decisions. The sky’s the limit! Do social media posts have a positive sentiment after a large purchase? Is a person less inclined to spend money on a rainy day? Is payday a good day to invest money or pay down debt? Requirements: Leverage Citi’s APIs to create a reusable insights framework for a large audience. Desired Deliverables: • Clear focus that encourages positive financial decisions and displays the relationship between habits and spend. • A user journey that outlines the steps a person undertakes (using the product) to accomplish a goal or eliminate a pain point. • Results on GitHub. -------------- Team Instructions: 1. Register at 24 hours early or earlier if possible – we can guarantee you beta access if you register early, but there may be hiccups if you wait until during or late into the hack. Do so at Makes sure to check your spam for an activation email (normally arrives within an hour). a. If you do not get a response in that time frame, come see us at our booth and we’ll get things sorted for you. 2. If you need help getting started with OAuth 2.0, check out for start apps on iOS, Android, and Node. If you still are having issues, come talk with Jacob at our booth to get more in-depth answers. 3. Stored account information is done on a sandbox basis – usernames and passwords for the sample data sets can be found under the “authorize” API docs on the North American API catalog. 4. Feel free to integrate against any API domain in any region – just pay attention to scope requirements for that region as this can be a common source of confusion. 5. Your insights do not need to be concrete against the sample data – we prefer a framework that generates insights over any specific statements driven from the test data.

Boomi Flow provides a low-code development platform to create customer journeys and automate simple and sophisticated workflows. We are also very connected to our communities. Therefore, our ask wants to combine the two, and help out in YOUR community. We'd like to ask the participants to develop an application in Boomi Flow designed to help with something close to you and the area you call home! Boomi Flow extends the capabilities around email, SMS, and databases to build apps in MINUTES; combine that with the new power of Boomi Atomsphere integration, and the sky is the limit as to what API connections you can build and create something significant! Get your teams together and think how you can use the platform to design something to help out your neighborhoods! Step 1: Sign up for a free trial account - Once your account is registered, you can invite your team members to the Flow/Tenant and collaborate on projects. Step 2: Check out ManyWho docs to get started • Boomi Flow(ManyWho) Tutorials and Documentation • Hackathon – Information Packet Step 3: Your possibilities are endless.. go for it! Bonus points for the most innovative use of the full-stack Boomi platform has to offer. Connect applications and data, synchronize and enrich data, expose data using APIs and build an end-to-end solution, from workflow-based business applications to online/offline mobile apps and web portals.

Users' location and/or activity data are very powerful in a variety of ways. Used creatively, they can add an extra layer of security, power social interactions, build immersive AR experiences, discover new places, empower community initiatives, make smart assistants smarter, geotag media, generate financial insights and much more. Geofencing, live location sharing, order tracking, mileage and much more can be built using HyperTrack's flexible building blocks. Leverage your users' location and/or activity to add meaningful and disruptive value to your app. Selection criteria: 1/ Functionality: is the app working 2/ Value: how useful is it for the app 3/ Creativity & depth: how are you leveraging HyperTrack’s tech? Requirements: 1/ Code on github or bitbucket 2/ Screen recording video for demo ---------- ---------- Common building blocks that you will find useful Start tracking without writing a line of native mobile code (mobile) sample barebones app that you can download right away ios- android- if you are looking for a sample app that has the map visual embedded (like this, you could use ios- android- either way you would just need to add your keys as described in;step=0.1 (ios) or;step=0.1 (android) Mock user movement (mobile) ---------------------------------- Get data using APIs Get current location of user (API) Last_location property of User object ( Get history of activity and location of user (API) Notify if user goes to a certain place aka geofence (API) ---------------------------------- Get map visuals Show live location of multiple users (visual) Track a specific action of a user with expected time and place (visual)

Design and develop new applications faster than ever with CA Live API Creator. Explore yourself how integration with data, and embedding business logic in the applications can be snap.   Take this challenge and create an innovative application using CA Live API Creator. Experience the power of Live API Creator to build a new API, and then to integrate it with a front end or use it standalone as a fully functional system.   To participate in this challenge, you need to use the Live API Creator trial. You need to follow only these steps:   1- Download the trial from (And sign our Pre-Release Testing Agreement )   2- Create an API with the Live API Creator’s trial (Steps ) – either from an existing database, or a new DB schema definition, or a new application design you already have in mind   3-  When you are ready, present your app at CA Technologies’ booth   CA Technologies’ engineers will be on site to help you with your apps and judge your pitches at the end. What will make your API stand out is the creative usage of capabilities of Live API Creator – that made the otherwise daunting application development process easy and fun! is a CA Accelerator project that makes it super easy to create Postman documentation, develop functional and performance tests, test for backward compatibility, publish to the gateway and mock your or 3rd party APIs.   Learn more about Live API Creator and how to use it here: (please reload if the page doesn’t load the first time) (More Video Tutorials)

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The API World 2017 Hackathon is the largest API hackathon in the world, kicking off the API World 2017 Conference & Expo.

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The #1 low-code platform for digital transformation - build mobile apps, web portals, mission-critical systems, and more.

Button allows you to add features and services from the most popular apps with just a couple lines of code to your iOS, Android, or mobile website in the form of a tappable button. Offer millions of items from to your users, inline or through a deep link. Book hotels through directly from your iPhone, Android, or mobile web app. Show real time ride times, fares, and allow users to book rides through Uber. To see more of our partners you can integrate, go to

The Oracle Cloud Platform provides a shared and elastically scalable platform for consolidation of existing applications and new application development and deployment.

Java is at the heart of our digital lifestyle. It's the platform for launching careers, exploring human-to-digital interfaces, architecting the world's best applications, and unlocking innovation everywhere—from garages to global organizations.

JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted programming language used for building client-side applications for modern web browsers and hybrid mobile applications, as well server-side applications, like those running with Node.js.

The PubNub Data Stream Network connects 15 globally redundant points of presence into a single network capable of handling hundreds of millions of simultaneous device connections and relaying trillions of messages. The Data Stream Network architecture was built as a network – not as a single PoP “cloud” solution – allowing PubNub to deliver unmatched speed, reliability, and scalability.

The main purpose of this tool is to bridge the gap between designer and developer. A designer with this tool, can design, layout and animate an entire software application and deploy it to the programmer’s specifications as a target language and environment. This eliminates an intermediary UI programmer from the development cycle which over the life span of an application can save up to 80% in cost of the lifespan of the application.

Whether you have one image or billions, you are only steps away from using artificial intelligence to recognize your visual content. The API is built around a simple idea. You send inputs (images) to the service and it returns predictions. The type of prediction is based on what model you run the input through. For example, if you run your input through the 'food' model, the predictions it returns will contain concepts that the 'food' model knows about.

Neura creates intuitive and intelligent experiences between people and their connected environments. The company enables devices with context awareness and adaptive learning capabilities required for today's developing physical Internet. Our SDK/APIs enable developers to easily build context-aware apps and services, without compromising privacy, battery or performance

This library for Sony Concept N detects active tags and calculates user near location (in a car, in my room, in front of an equipment etc.) Then it controls N functions.

Mobile payment gateway.

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Rapid prototyping language for creating 3D AR VR applications on iOS and Android and Windows Phone and Tizen

PubNub powers low-latency messaging on every device, at massive scale. We deliver realtime infrastructure as-a-service with 70+ SDKs that enable developers to deploy the most innovative realtime apps or services - without the need to build and operate their own messaging infrastructure. Innovate faster. We do the hard work, so your time is freed up to focus on what matters to the business.

PubNub Functions makes spinning up web servers and load-balancers a thing of the past. Functions allow you to add business logic to the edge, processing these messages as they move through the network or via a Webhook Endpoint - all without adding additional servers. PubNub Functions scale automatically with your traffic, they can be coded and deployed globally in minutes, and provide redundancy so you can operate at 99.999% uptime.

Machine Learning for Developers. Nexosis makes it easy to start building machine learning applications.

Back4app is an easy way to build, host and manage your APIs using the Parse open source.

Dell Boomi helps connect applications and easily build mobile apps, messaging bots and web portals with low-code app development