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KidsNNanny is an application to simplify the process of hiring nanny and gain a peace of mind about the location and safety of their nanny and children.

The key idea of StayAware is to allow to the final user to stay aware of “areas of interest”. What do we mean by “areas of interest”? An area the interes is any area that can provide insight to the user, for example, let's suppose that you are traveling to Bogota for business, as it might be your first time in the city you do not know what areas are safe or not. In that case StayAware would be the platform that would allow you to download those areas and will send you alerts if you are going in

Quotidien lets you plan and visualize your day. Watch your schedule unfold on an interactive map and get updates on weather.

Using the Clarifai API in conjunction with the HERE API, we created a product that can identify any creature you encounter on your next hike. After the user uploads a picture from their photo library of the animal, the Clarifai API identifies what creature is in the photograph. The HERE API then pinpoints the location where the photo was taken and pins that location to the user’s personal library. As more users add pictures, there is a larger library of pictures that can be sorted by location an

Compare food items once you enter a food court or a mall quickly and easily.

RoboSitter is a content mediator chrome extension and web app that allows parents to whitelist internet content to help limit exposure from unsafe content.
DocuSign: handle legal liabilities for capturing user images using Embedded Signing, Composite Template Utilize streaming service to capture video for facial authentication
Clarifai: Train Admin model to recognize parent from children and who has authority to edit whitelist content
Yubico: U2F authentication with YubiKey

Lockberry is a highly-secured lockbox for the age of GDPR. It enables strong password-less authentication with your favourite Yubikey devices while allow 2-factor authentication remote access to prevent you from remote attacks.

"Find the perfect spot for your next local business"

We’ve all heard the saying “location location location”, but finding the right spot for your business is hard. Many local businesses struggle because they pick a location without any data to back it up.

Lokal combines data from HERE Maps and public data sources to give you insights on where your business can reach the most customers and succeed. The app is deployed on Linode.

ClariSign is an app that helps businesses to secure the delivery with the facial recognition.
The end user signs up using his contact details, pictures and verifies the mobile number.
Online store usage+delivery service: choosing "secure delivery" the shopper will receive a package only after signing an e-form and successfully completing the face recognition
After acquiring the signature, we send the form data to the server, and obtain the url--then we present it with a POWERFORM.

Simple Field Trip App to help Teachers and Parents set up field trips using Here API and DocuSign API.

We would like to use the Clarifai api to find out interests about potential partners with the photo detection software--e.g. if there is a horse in the background for a lot of photos, we can assume they probably like horses, even if they don't have it written on the interests in their profile. We are trying to decide on another sponsor api that would make sense to use with this. Either the matchmaking app could use this to detect people's interests, or other users could find out without looking.

A decentralized application that facilitates interactions between clients and attorneys.