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The DeveloperWeek Austin 2017 Hackathon takes place at DeveloperWeek Austin, get more information here:

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Building a system that uses Yubico's YubiKey by sending over user data in a secure way.

garage board is real time archetechtual tool for programmers and brain storm meetings. It fills the last missing piece of meeting efficiency by building a real time interactive whiteboard that is able to understand figures and words hand writing on the fly and able to convert everything to professional, editable and exportable formats. The whole experience is intuitive and there's not buttons for text box, figures, arrows etc. Everything is completed by machine learning technology.

A platform which converts basic handwritten doodles to full-fledged professional designs.

Twin Ravens is a mini-map for your group adventures! Plan, meet, and track your journeys with our TomTom Maps enabled mobile and web application. Simply create your trip (around the world or just at your neighborhood park) and invite guests to meet you at spots along the way. Twin Ravens shows you a map of real-time locations of your group members. No need to stress about unknown wait times or missing each other. Instead, enjoy the experience!

Cryptograph is a robust javascript library designed to easily add cryptocurrency market graphs to any web application. With its user friendly API and high degree of customization, cryptograph can also be used to quickly create future cryptotrading platforms and exchanges.

Web app that teaches all the necessary skills for reading, writing, listening, and speaking Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese. Staying close to the benefit of immersive language learning, the lessons are geared towards hands-on experience of writing and listening to common Chinese dialects. It works on web and iPad for making study sessions easy.