Technology Description

ARRIVE enables businesses to predictively detect when one of their customers is approaching a physical destination and to take action in response. The ability to accurately detect where the customer is without draining their smartphone battery, and to predict when the customer is about to arrive sets ARRIVE apart from other approaches to proximity and location. ARRIVE opens up a broad range of uses that would not otherwise work due to the low accuracy and poor reliability of other solutions.

Technology Tutorials / Documentation

Complete these three tasks to use ARRIVE:
1) Set up your sites:

2) Add the ARRIVE SDK to your mobile app.
- iOS quick start guide:
- Android quick start guide:

- Add the ARRIVE SDK or REST API to your monitor app to receive notifications:

Technology Organization

Curbside connects stores and restaurants with mobile customers. Our solutions make ordering ahead and picking up merchandise or food easy and efficient. Founded by former Apple experts in location services in 2013, Curbside works with leading retailers such as CVS, Nordstrom and Sephora, and leading restaurant chains such as Chipotle, Pizza Hut and Boston Market to scale their order ahead programs. Curbside recently announced a public SDK for ARRIVE, its predictive arrival technology.

Challenges Tied to This Technology

Your Challenge: To use the ARRIVE SDK in a new or updated mobile application that can have broad commercial use.

What is ARRIVE: ARRIVE is an easy to implement SDK that provides accurate alerts before arrival and true visibility into user ETA. By knowing when someone is arriving, businesses are able to offer personalized customer experiences upon arrival, have food ready at the curb, adjust appointment times based on user ETA, prepare dressing rooms in advance, alert customers when a delivery is arriving, track arrival and departure of VIP guests or vendors at events, and so much more. We’re excited to see what other innovative uses you can come up with using predictive arrival alerts!

For more info about ARRIVE, check out:

Events Specific to This Technology

This is the DeveloperWeek 2018 SF Bay Hackathon!

Projects Utilizing This Technology

To get the most awesome experience when traveling to a new place, we want to live like a local, knowing all famous local spots and attending all local events. LocalBot, is a bot that has a knowledge of the local spot you are visiting. Using tom tom api, It will recommend best local spots and also help you to scheduling the best routes so you will not missed any events. LocalBot also has the capability to inform the store or restaurant, the minute you are on your way by using curbside sdk