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NoBlankImg is a decentralized image CDN service. Think Cloudinary meets IPFS.

Problem: Blockchain tokens, images, assets are very difficult to retrieve forcing most developers to copy/paste similar imagery across many repositories. It also proliferates images that may not represent the brand well.

Solution: NoBlankImg allows developers to use the CDN to deliver peer validated and uploaded imagery, with graceful auto-generated fallback images based on known blockchain meta data.

Enough Lets Move On is scrum as a service, powered by flogo. We are focussing to help developers develop than spend time doing fragile-agile tasks. ELMO is powered by AWS and Tibco's flogo integrating multiple tool suits like github, slack and jira.

Misty skill that detects barrier and provides feedback to blind individuals

I live one block away from Madison Square Park, and I have grown to love it. Some things that were started/invented here include: the ASPCA, the Manhattan cocktail, the suffragette movement, and modern baseball rules...

At the same time, I really hate history. I had too many bad teachers in school who taught a long list of dates and names. So, with this project, I want to create a journey for students. They can travel backwards and forwards in time, and learn about Madison Square Park's history

Fix Your City connects denizens with city managers

Remotely live stream with friends watching Netflix / Youtube / Anime. Hosted on IBM Cloud with JavaScript, HTML and Materialize CSS for web design and Wowza webrtc for the backend.