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A document sign off platform that allows users and companies to post documents to be signed, video conference( broadcasting) and collectively sign these documents (DocuSign embedded signing, iframe and payments), and analyse the sentiment of signers throughout the process(clarifai custom trained model)

The key idea of StayAware is to allow to the final user to stay aware of “areas of interest”. What do we mean by “areas of interest”? An area the interes is any area that can provide insight to the user, for example, let's suppose that you are traveling to Bogota for business, as it might be your first time in the city you do not know what areas are safe or not. In that case StayAware would be the platform that would allow you to download those areas and will send you alerts if you are going in

Compare food items once you enter a food court or a mall quickly and easily.

We've created a system that allows you to change the game, providing offline targeted marketing, by what we call Random Acts of Kindness.once your campaign goes live, that's when the magic happens: our low-cost hardware, installed in hundreds of stores uses to identify every purchasing customer, run them through all the active campaign demographics. The result is that, if you're in the targeted group, and have a little luck, Netflix might just pay for your coffee one day

We would like to use the Clarifai api to find out interests about potential partners with the photo detection software--e.g. if there is a horse in the background for a lot of photos, we can assume they probably like horses, even if they don't have it written on the interests in their profile. We are trying to decide on another sponsor api that would make sense to use with this. Either the matchmaking app could use this to detect people's interests, or other users could find out without looking.

Users of our proofreading service (e.g. bloggers) want us to keep their work confidential, so with the help of DocuSign, we implemented an efficient process for a customer to request an NDA from us:

A customer enters their name and email address into a web form. Using DocuSign's Node.js, we load a generic NDA (pdf); add Text (customer name), DateSigned, and SignHere tabs; email a signing request to ourselves (Signer), then email the signed NDA via CertifiedDelivery to our customers.

A decentralized Venmo built on top of Request Network

The Athlete-Tracker is an administrative tool for managing and tracking race events.

User registers, signs waiver & pays (DocuSign)

Admin receives shows registration, payment, & signature (DocuSign)

Admin starts race & tracks progress (tomotom & here)