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Create Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) b/w 2 parties using Alexa and DocuSign.

1) Add a contact on instantalert.io with an email and name. (ex Sandra)
2) Say - Alexa, ask "My Lawyer" to send NDA to "Sandra"
3) An email is then sent to the user (who invokes the skill) with a link.
4) Click the link to invoke simple REST APIs to initiate the DocuSign flow (create envelope, use template)
5) An email is sent by DocuSign to user. User fills data and signs.
6) Sandra then signs and NDA is completed.

Instantly start an audio/video web conference and invite others to join.

Simply say - "Alexa, ask My Team to join the conference".

The team can be provisioned at InstantAlert.io.

Pandemic aims to prevent the spread of diseases by crowdsourcing data from hospitals, making these diagnoses available to doctors starting from patient 0. With real time disease trends (HERE technologies), doctors can more accurately respond to cases by ordering the correct diagnostics. Pandemic also be notifies doctors if a case should be reported to CDC by law and allow them to seamlessly complete and send the form on the platform (DocuSign).