TomTom Geofencing API


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It uses TomTom's Geofencing and Clarifai's custom model api to create areas on the map

Your second eyes anywhere, a photo streaming app .

Connect any two points on earth in an instant and on demand with reVision.

This is a geofencing application using TomTom's API to alert users when their bike, skateboard, or scooter has been moved out of a designated area. The app also allows users to track the location of a stolen item so it can be recovered.

KidsNNanny is an application to simplify the process of hiring nanny and gain a peace of mind about the location and safety of their nanny and children.

The key idea of StayAware is to allow to the final user to stay aware of “areas of interest”. What do we mean by “areas of interest”? An area the interes is any area that can provide insight to the user, for example, let's suppose that you are traveling to Bogota for business, as it might be your first time in the city you do not know what areas are safe or not. In that case StayAware would be the platform that would allow you to download those areas and will send you alerts if you are going in