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Mojio offers a full service developer center with an open API, reference app and a cellular + GPS On-board Diagnostic (OBD) device compatible with any car built since 1996. We make it easy for anyone to write an app for cars. Mojio uses machine-to-machine (M2M) cellular data exchange to send and receive data to and from a vehicle in real time. Mojio offers a broad set of events and measures that developers can use to make driving more efficient, safer, and more fun.

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Technology Organization

Mojio is the world’s leading open platform for cars. Apps powered by Mojio provide accurate, real time information to drivers and fleet operators when it is needed most. Mojio makes it easy for developers to build apps that solve problems for road warriors and businesses alike. With a cloud-connected device for the car and apps for the smartphone, Mojio improves the driving experience by automating tasks, bringing intelligent solutions to the driver and enhancing their investment.

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