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Technology Description

Access Whitepages Pro Phone Solutions with the following APIs: Phone Reputation response provides details on spam/risk behaviors the phone number is associated with. Phone Intelligence provides the metadata on a phone number. Using a RESTful GET request, you’ll receive phone attributes such as Is Valid, Country Code, Is Prepaid, Line Type, Carrier, Is Connected and more for the requested phone number. Caller Identification request allows to get a single name and location for incoming caller.

Technology Tutorials / Documentation

Go to our developer page to find sample code, tutorials, data structures, blogs, forums and all of our developer documentation: http://pro.whitepages.com/developer/documentation/api-overview/

Technology Organization

Whitepages Pro enables developers to integrate our identity data directly into their applications. Our REST APIs give you access to the most comprehensive and accurate data for people, phone and address information in North America, including the best mobile phone data available anywhere. Today’s mobile apps leverage our intuitive JSON response for confident fraud and spam detection, as well as caller identification, identity verification, call prioritization and risk management.

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