Meraki APIs


Technology Description

What can you do with Meraki APIs?
1. Location Tracking API - track every WiFi device in range whether they are connected or not. (limited to 4 teams)
2. Captive Portal API - pop-up splash pages when someone connects to the WiFi network (limited to 15 teams)
4. Bluetooth Beacons - Enable Bluetooth beacon advertising for your mobile app (limited to 1 UUID Major Minor)

Technology Tutorials / Documentation

First step, sign up at to get access to the Meraki Sandbox environment. Check your email to reset your password, and login to to control the WiFi router in the lobby. You can email for help or look for a guy in a bright green Meraki shirt in the lobby. There will be a single WiFi + Bluetooth router broadcasting a WiFi signal called "Meraki Hackathon", for shared use by any team.

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