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JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted programming language used for building client-side applications for modern web browsers and hybrid mobile applications, as well server-side applications, like those running with Node.js.

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Oracle provides the industry’s broadest and most integrated solutions for quickly building smart and modern software. From Java to MySQL to Oracle Database, we meet the unique needs of developers, IT professionals, and business users with comprehensive portfolio of platform services that enables developers to respond quickly to new opportunities.

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An ultramodern transportation project that seeks to optimize and revolutionize urban commute. Beginning with flying cars, we seek to connect the people to the most efficient rides for their commute without fostering Monopoly of a particular transport company

We are creating a Crypto Marketplace for users to buy and sell items for cryptocurrencies. We allow users to upload images of their items for sale. By using the Clarifai API we are able to determine if the image is a "safe" image using the moderation and nsfw models from Clarifai. If the image is determined to be safe we allow users to successfully upload the image and apply the top concept names as hashtags for the image for easier and more accurate search for items on our site.

Quotidien lets you plan and visualize your day. Watch your schedule unfold on an interactive map and get updates on weather.

Created an interactive game for users to create and battle their own uniquely powered wolves

RoboSitter is a content mediator chrome extension and web app that allows parents to whitelist internet content to help limit exposure from unsafe content.
DocuSign: handle legal liabilities for capturing user images using Embedded Signing, Composite Template Utilize streaming service to capture video for facial authentication
Clarifai: Train Admin model to recognize parent from children and who has authority to edit whitelist content
Yubico: U2F authentication with YubiKey

"Find the perfect spot for your next local business"

We’ve all heard the saying “location location location”, but finding the right spot for your business is hard. Many local businesses struggle because they pick a location without any data to back it up.

Lokal combines data from HERE Maps and public data sources to give you insights on where your business can reach the most customers and succeed. The app is deployed on Linode.

ClariSign is an app that helps businesses to secure the delivery with the facial recognition.
The end user signs up using his contact details, pictures and verifies the mobile number.
Online store usage+delivery service: choosing "secure delivery" the shopper will receive a package only after signing an e-form and successfully completing the face recognition
After acquiring the signature, we send the form data to the server, and obtain the url--then we present it with a POWERFORM.

Given your location, this app will generate a list of bars within a configurable radius and price point.

A map will show the locations and route the user to the next destination, with geo-fencing noting when the user arrives or leaves the destination, and automatically routes the user to the next location.

Educational coding levels for all ages

Server-less location based chat