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PubNub powers low-latency messaging on every device, at massive scale. We deliver realtime infrastructure as-a-service with 70+ SDKs that enable developers to deploy the most innovative realtime apps or services - without the need to build and operate their own messaging infrastructure.

Innovate faster. We do the hard work, so your time is freed up to focus on what matters to the business.

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Realtime Apps Made Simple!
APIs for developers building secure realtime Mobile, Web, and IoT Applications

Realtime Apps Made Serverless
PubNub BLOCKS is a feature of the PubNub Data Stream Network that makes the network programmable. It allows developers to easily deploy functions on the PubNub network to modify messages without the need for developers to manage their own infrastructure.

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Projects Utilizing This Technology

An application that uses PubNub's API to create a Facebook chatbot that allows users to search nearby restaurants for different cuisines using only emojis.

Speak with Chatbot to receive news from several reputable sources. This was built in mind for areas with censorship and helps get around blocked websites to keep citizens informed.

Smart Emergency Medical Service uses Zang and Pubnub APIs to enable interaction among various sensors present in the ambulance that can track the vitals of a patient. Web service enables video call, Messaging, and vital monitoring to ensure the patient with right care even before reaching the hospital. Maps are embedded in the web app to optimize ambulance commute by contacting the nearest possible and the relevant medical specialty based on the patient's condition.