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Geoff Domoracki is the co-founder and CEO of Data 2.0: producers of DataWeek, API World, and DeveloperWeek. A philosophy major turned tech entrepreneur, Geoff lives in the cross-section of philosophy and technology. Geoff was formerly the co-founder of Techweek, the largest Midwest startup & technology conference, as well as a consultant for investment firms such as Lightbank, the venture capital firm behind Groupon.


Code, Design, Conferences, Product, Triathlons



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The goal of DevNetwork is to keep you current on new developer technologies. Our team has been producing data & developer events in the SF Bay area (and more recently Los Angeles and New York City) for the past 3 years. That includes DataWeek, San Francisco’s largest vendor-neutral data conference with over 2,200 annual conference + expo attendees as well as DeveloperWeek with over 2,000 week-long participants across the week of events.


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